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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we have received regarding our camp.


FAQ #1:  Can you request to room with friends?

Answer:  Yes!  Roommate requests are possible.  During your registration look for the section labeled "Special Requests - Roommate Requests'.  You can put in the names of the campers you would like to room with during the camp here!


FAQ #2: Do other camps provide game footage as a teaching tool?  Do they live stream so parents can check-in and watch as well?

Answer: No.  This is one of the many aspects that makes the NCSTV Summer Camp so unique.  Our live broadcast crew will be on every court so each game will be professionally filmed.  This is an incredible teaching tool for each camper in addition to providing highlight packages and video evaluations.

Additionally parents will be able to watch games live or on demand from anywhere with internet access.  Campers can independently go back and review their own games as well.   We advocate being a 'student of the game' and are providing the tools necessary for campers to become just that!


FAQ #3: Will your live broadcasts include play by play, instant replay and scoreboard graphics just like we see on NorCal Sports TV for regular season game broadcasts?

Answer:  Yes.  We think this will greatly add to the experience and our crew is excited to broadcast these games in a 'Summer Camp' environment.  When we say this will be 'A Camp Like No Other', we mean it!


FAQ #4: What is the total cost of the camp?

Answer:  To lock-in a spot for the camp we collect a $99 deposit with your online enrollment.  The total cost of the camp, with the Early Bird rate, is $630.   We will send an invoice via email to make payments online for the remaining $531.  You can pay the remaining balance in full, or make smaller payments if you prefer.    Early Bird rate will start to increase once that particular camp reaches 75 enrollments.


FAQ #5:  Does the camp price include lodging and meals?

Answer:  Yes!  


FAQ #6:  What time is check-in on the first day?  What is estimated check-out time on the last day of camp?

Answer:  As long as we do not have any additional steps per the county health department for check-in, we anticipate our check-in schedule to be from 11am-12pm on the first day of camp.          On the final day of camp we will wrap up and have a brief awards ceremony at 11:45am.  The final day consists of a mini tournament.  It is possible for players to check-out earlier once their final game has been played on the last day of camp.